5 best North Shore breweries on Long Island, NY

North shore breweries on Long Island beer


If you’re a beer lover, then you’ll definitely want to check out these amazing North Shore Long Island breweries. From the refreshing and hoppy beers at Harbor Head Brewing Company to the unique and flavorful brews at Blind Bat Brewery Bistro, there’s something for everyone on this list.

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Here are 5 of the best Long Island breweries on the North Shore

You’ll find a great selection of beer at any of the following breweries (in no particular order).

Six Harbors Brewing Company

Six Harbors Brewing Company, Huntington Village’s first micro-brewery, is a Huntington, NY-based brewery known for their wide variety of beer styles and their welcoming nautical/industrial atmosphere. Founded by Mark and Karen Heuwetter, they set out to create a destination that would reflect their passion for both the beer-making process and life near the water – something that Long Islanders could easily relate to.

The brewery space was designed with the four massive stainless fermenting tanks in clear view, so you can see the beer-making process in action. The rest of the decor is rustic and nautical-themed, with different types of seating and two large doors that let in natural light. 

In addition to their great local beer selection, Six Harbors Brewing Company also offers a variety of events, including free outdoor movies, trivia nights, and musical bingo. There’s something for everyone at this brewery!

Highlights from my visit to Six Harbors Brewing Company

  • Music playing: New found Glory – Iris
  • Seating: Lots of seating. Bar seating. Lounge chairs. Indoor and outdoor seating.
  • My favorite beer: Captain Blood Orange

Visit their website or follow @six_harbors_brewing_company for hours, events, and more info.

Threes Brewing – Huntington

Threes Brewing is a craft brewery based in Brooklyn, New York, specializing in lagers, hop-forward American ales and mixed culture beers. The company operates a non-traditional tap room and event space in Gowanus, a sister bar and event space in Greenpoint, a seasonal outpost on Governors Island, and a store with a tasting room in Huntington, Long Island.

You can enjoy their beverages at the Long Island tasting room, or order online for pickup, local delivery, or shipping. 

Highlights from my visit to Threes Brewing in Huntington

  • Music playing: The Flaming Lips – Fight Test
  • Seating: Indoors. Bench and wood chair seating.
  • My favorite beer: The World We Live In

Visit their website or follow @threesbrewing for hours, events, and more info.

Sand City Brewing Company

Sand City Brewing, a tribute to the industrial era of Northport, is a craft brewery located in Northport, NY. The brewery hand crafts fine ales for local distribution and enjoyment in their tasting room.

If you’re looking for a delicious beer, Sand City Brewing is definitely worth a visit!

Highlights from my visit to the Sand City Brewing Company

  • Music playing: Fleetwood Mac – Love in Store
  • Seating: Indoor barrel seating. Outdoor seating shaded
  • My favorite beer: Stormborn

Visit their website or follow @sandcitybrewery for hours, events, and more info.

Blind Bat Brewery Bistro

Blind Bat Brewery Bistro is a small and casual spot for delicious local brews and eats in Centerport, New York. Both owners and cooks Regina (an organic grower) and Paul (the brewer) brew with as much New York state ingredients as possible, and often incorporate their beers into their food recipes.

With a focus on producing unique and flavorful beers, they’re committed to keeping it local and organic, while cooking with the seasons.

If you’re looking for a new beer experience, Blind Bat Brewery Bistro is the place to go. With their unique selection of beers, you’re sure to find something that you’ll love.

Highlights from my visit to Blind Bat Brewery Bistro

  • Music playing: Jazz
  • Seating: Indoor seating. 2 tables and window seating. Outdoor seating shaded.
  • My favorite beer: Vlad the Inhaler

Visit their website or follow @blindbatbrewer for hours, events, and more info.

Harbor Head Brewing Company

Harbor Head Brewing Company is a Northport, Long Island-based brewery that specializes in small-batch, artisanal beers. The company was founded with the goal of producing a constantly rotating selection of beers that would keep customers’ taste buds intrigued.

Today, the Harbor Head Brewing Company team is composed of experienced brewers who are on-site daily to keep up with demand for their products. In addition to producing a wide variety of beers, the brewery also offers growlers and local delivery services.

Highlights from my visit to Harbor Head Brewing Company

  • Music playing: Depeche Mode – Personal Jesus
  • Seating: Indoor seating bar. Small seating. Outdoor tables and lounge chairs.
  • My favorite beer: Wedding Season

Visit their website or follow @harborheadbrew for hours, events, and more info.

What are your favorite North Shore breweries?

To recap, these are the 5 best breweries you can visit on the North Shore:

  1. Six Harbors Brewing Company
  2. Threes Brewing
  3. Sand City Brewing Company
  4. Blind Bat Brewery Bistro
  5. Harbor Head Brewing Company

They’re all great breweries to visit whether you’re living on the North Shore or want to stop by for a pint.

As always, drink responsibly.


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